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Offer to Enter Into a Costs Agreement

Terms of Engagement

Offer to Enter Into Costs Agreement

It is vitally important that before any work is undertaken, both parties understand the terms upon which I am engaged. For that reason you will be asked to enter into a costs agreement with me, before the work is started. That costs agreement will contain all of the detail of how your legal costs are determined, as well as all of the other terms of the engagement.

As a member of the Law Society, I use the Society's form of contract, called the Offer to Enter Into Costs Agreement and attached to that you will find my costs disclosure and any special conditons that apply.

To see the information that is contained in the Offer to Enter Into Costs Agreement, click here.

Legal costs - your right to know

You have the right to -

  • negotiate a costs agreement with us

  • receive a bill of costs from us

  • request an itemised bill of costs after you receive a lump sum bill from us

  • request written reports about the progress of your matter and the costs incurred in your matter (at no cost to you)

  • apply for costs to be assessed within 12 months if you are unhappy with our costs

  • apply for the costs agreement to be set aside

  • accept or reject any offer we make for an interstate costs law to apply to your matter

  • notify us that you require an interstate costs law to apply to your matter

For more information about your rights, please read the fact sheet title Legal Costs - Your Right to Know. You can ask us for a copy, or obtain it from the Legal Practice Board (or download it from the website of the Legal Practice Board or the Law Society of Western Australia or by clicking here).

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